Getting registered for the Bulldogs has never been easier. 

Flag Football

4-6 years old (As of Sept. 1st)



5-14 years old


Tackle Football

7-14 years old (As of Sept. 1st)


The Bordentown Bulldogs require a $50 bond check to cover the cost for unreturned equipment and missed concession duty.  One bond check will be required at the time of equipment pickup per player. The check will be destroyed upon completion of duty.


The Bulldogs will provide a helmet (with chin strap), a single mouth guard, shoulder pads, game pants, game jersey, and an optional rib protector.  All equipment handed out must be returned at the end of the year except for the mouth guard. 


You must provide football cleats, socks, additional mouth guards, and an athletic cup for your player. Gloves are optional.


One parent from each child is required to work concession once during the season. We need volunters to keep this organization functioning. 


The 3 most important items to complete when registering are:

1. The WJYFL Player Agreement

2. Medical Release Form

3. Uploading a copy of your child's birth certificate (tackle football only). Note: This only needs to be done once to have on file.

We may require you to sign a paper copy of #1 and #2 for league records. There are additional questions in registration that help us get your child prepared for the season. 


Neither the WJYFL nor the Bordentown Bulldogs have rules governing playing time during  games.  That being said, each coach will see that every player receives the appropriate amount of playing time.  Factors affecting playing time include, roster size, game score, attendance/behavior at practice, injury/illness, the opposition, and player ability.


Not all players are the same and while they will all be treated fairly, we cannot guarantee equal playing time.